Friday, July 8, 2011

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Been a busy couple of days. Wrote and trained jiu-jitsu, as usual, but also met with the landlady about terminating my rental contract. Made appointments to get my wisdom teeth pulled and a medical check-up, two very important things that had to be done while I still have insurance. Arranged my training. Took head shots and mailed out paperwork to get my visa renewed. Skyped with the girl and got to see our temporary digs. It's coming closer, and becoming more real with each day.

Still have to figure out what to do with my car, and I keep looking around this apartment with a terrible heaviness in my gut. There's so much stuff, but I'm trying to slip into Life Simplification Mode, which means a lot of it will be sold or trashed. I'd like to store as little as possible: mementos, pictures, books, guitars. It's funny how we hang onto things we don't really need, and sometimes it's only years later that we realize how much these things weigh us down.

That's all for now. Still can't talk specifics, but as posted below, all will be revealed on August 1. Maybe a few days before, if I'm feeling saucy.


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